The Importance of Scent when Selling Your House

Saturday Oct 20th, 2018


Everyone knows staging is an important part of selling your home. You want to make sure it shows off its best assets. Things like: well-managed landscaping, a thoughtful layout, abundant lighting and cleanliness.

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Those first impressions matter but making a great first impression isn't just about preparing a feast for the eyes! Here's how to appeal to prospective buyers' sense of smell to let them know their new dream home is already right under their noses.

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Luxury boutiques and shopping centres have long since perfected “scent marketing”. While your home isn't a retail store, home buyers are still buyers. This is a simple trick that not only makes the environment smell great but triggers a real psychological reaction that can help turn a browser into a buyer.

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But it's not just about adding irresistible aromas that trigger relaxation and comfort and make potential buyers feel right at home – you should also be sure to eliminate any possible sources of unpleasant odours, too (like mildew, pet litter or garbage).

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Before a showing, avoid cooking foods with strong odours such as garlic or fish, as they can make some people uncomfortable. Opt for the more favourable smells of baked goods like caramelized apples, chocolate cake, fruit pies or cinnamon buns. The ever-popular chocolate chip cookie not only smells delicious but seeing a big plate on a kitchen counter can bring back memories of childhood and help prospective buyers feel more at home.

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If you don't have time to cook, use natural essential oils or pick a fresh bunch of flowers to display on your table top. Synthetic fragrances from a spray bottle or plug-in diffusers may cause allergic reactions. Natural aromas such as lilacs, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon diffused in various rooms can make a big difference in the overall impression and appreciation of your home.

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Naturally-scented candles lit strategically (and watched closely or extinguished right before a showing) can add both a wonderfully subtle scent and a soothing ambiance to a room.

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Remember, it's completely natural to grow used to the daily odours in our homes. Your REALTOR® can help you prepare for a showing by objectively pointing out areas that may need some extra attention.

Let us know: what are your go-to scents to help make your house feel like a home?



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