The Lakeshore Village

Monday Oct 01st, 2018


Welcome to Lakeshore Village!

The Lakeshore Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) is located on Lakeshore Blvd. from Twelfth Street to the west and Dwight Avenue to the east. There are over one hundred and fifty businesses in the Lakeshore Village Business Improvement Area with an excellent assortment of businesses, restaurants, shops and services that cater to the local community.

This secret area of Toronto has recently gone Kaboom! But not price wise regarding commercial and residential real estate.
We have the most environmentally green streetscape in Toronto and especially at Christmas time we are number one in green streetscape. Look good but don’t leave a huge carbon footprint. In the last few years we have had excellent additions to our business community, restaurants, bakeries and great local food stores. Our three thousand local households can satisfy 90% of their shopping needs by walking from their homes or apartments.

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